Virtual Platform Information

IABC is excited to utilize Social27 as its platform for World Conference 2021- a new and exciting platform from last year!

Click here to watch a quick overview of the Social27 platform experience. Please use the password social27 to gain access.

Predicative Technology

AI-powered Recommendation and Prediction Engine, allows you to select areas of interest upon logging into the World Conference virtual platform. A Recommended Agenda will be populated for each attendee upon login to ensure you don’t miss the sessions most important to you, along with the ability to add any session to your agenda. Additionally, this AI-powered Engine makes it easy for attendees with shared interests to find each other by surfacing the connections most relevant to you to provide many ways to connect.

Networking Lounge

From an attendee directory, Soapbox or Hello World! Videos, to private meetings, Roundtables and Boardrooms- you will be able to connect and engage live in many different ways with your fellow World Conference attendees.


  • Want to meet face-to-face with a group of fellow attendees? Host a Roundtable!
  • With Roundtables, attendees can create their very own public, small-group video meetings with up to 5 other participants right from within the platform via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other video conferencing platform you use.
  • Want to make a private Roundtable? No problem, you can do that too.
  • Boardrooms are available for up to 30 users total if you’d like to expand your group.
  • IABC has planned some dedicated time for Roundtables and Boardrooms on the schedule, but we encourage all attendees to create and schedule these as you progress through the virtual conference.

Group and Networking Activities

IABC also has a full lineup of group activities and networking designed to facilitate different opportunities to interact and engage with your fellow attendees- these include:

  • IceBreaker- a guided matchmaking tool
  • Rock & Roll Game Show
  • Summary Song
  • Regional Meet Ups
  • Coffee Chat with the Fellows
  • Quiz Quest- trivia game
  • Group Meditiation

View the full details and times of the above group and networking activities in the Schedule of Events.


A little friendly competition never hurt! Earn points and badges based how you interact within the event and other attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. A leaderboard will show who’s leading the charge!

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Connect with exhibitors and sponsors in their exhibitor booth microsites which showcase information about their organization and their products and services. You’ll be able to:

  • Have one on one interactions in a booth Roundtable, real-time chats or demo video.
  • View a playlist of curated information from videos, brochures, and more documentation that can help you learn more about each exhibitor company.
  • Scan your badge to let the exhibitor or sponsor know you are interested in connecting- just like an in person event

Live and On Demand Sessions

Experience sessions as they fit into your schedule!

Catch a session live and participate in live session Q&A to get your questions answered by speakers in realtime.

Miss a session you wanted to view? It will be available on-demand to watch at your convenience.

The platform will also be available until September 30, 2021 so you won’t have to miss any content that’s of interest to you.